• For Sale
  • 1961
  • N120DH
  • 17248694
  • Bangor, PA USA

77000 $77,000 USD

Moyer Aviation

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  • For Sale
  • 1961
  • N120DH
  • 17248694
  • Bangor, PA USA

Moyer Aviation

188 Airport Drive

Tobyhanna, PA 18466 USA

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General Specs (cont.)


630 SMOH

842 SPOH




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Detailed Description

Vintage Cessna 172B N120DH for Sale! 🛩️
Introducing a meticulously maintained 1961 Cessna 172B, ready to take flight into the skies of adventure! This well-kept beauty boasts low usage and low engine hours, making it a rare find in the aviation market. 

✅ Key Features:
- Bush STOL MODS: Leading edge cuff, Gap seals, Stall fence Droop wing tanks.
- One Piece Windshield for enhanced visibility.
- Rosen Visors to shield you from the sun's glare.
- Upgraded LED Landing, Taxi, and Nav lights for improved visibility and safety.

✨ Additional Information:
This vintage Cessna 172B has been hangar kept, ensuring its pristine condition and protection from the elements. With its impressive set of modifications and upgrades including a new headliner, this aircraft is ready to soar through the skies with ease.

Avionics / Equipment

Modern Gyros - Attitude, Heading, Turn Coordinator
Electronic engine instruments - EI Digital Tach, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Voltage, Amps, EGT
Modern Radio Stack - King Audio Panel, 2 -  KX155 Nav-Coms with 2 Glide Slope CDIs
King KLN-94 Color GPS, Stratus ADSB In/Out Transponder, 4 Place Intercom


Annual Due: 7/31/24

Bush STOL Mods: Leading edge cuff, Gap seals, Stall Fences, Droop Wing Tips. 
One Piece Windshield
New Glare Shield, Rosen Visors
Avion Control Mod for U-Style Control - provides for center avionics stack.
Avion Panel Replacement - converted to standard instrument configuration.
Avion Control Tray - replaces all switches - Vernier Throttle & Mixture - Circuit Breaker fuse replacement.
Avion Control Yokes
LED Landing and Taxi Lamps.
LED Navigation Lights.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Continental O-300-D
Mods: Superior Millenium 2 Cylinders, Slick Magnetos and Wires, Jabsco 50A Alternator, Air Wolfe Remote Oil Filter, Crankcase Preheater.

Interior / Exterior

Airplane does not have any corrosion issues. It has been hangered in non-coastal areas.  It has also been fogged and treated with corrosion X.

Airplane just had brand new headliner installed.


Airplane received damage to wing and vertical stabilizer in 1977 while in heavy wind in Texas. All was replaced including damaged antennas.